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Estimating & CAD Services

RMR Joinery Estimating & Computer Aided Design Services

Our own computerised estimating systems are one of the most advanced in the joinery industry. The system has taken over 10 years to develop, we are constantly upgrading the software to met the demands of our customers so that we can produce very detailed quotations in every material type and finish that is available from our suppliers today.

We are about to make another up-grade to our computer systems which will enable us to design custom made fitted kitchens, fitted bedrooms, one off purpose made cabinets, reception counters, display units, shop fittings Etc:

This will include:

Further up-grades to our manufacturing capabilities this year will allow us to download the designs directly to a CNC workstation and produce all the components in one operation either to produce one special piece of furniture, or a large production run. C.N.C. machining is an extremely competitive method of maintaining high quality results. Components remain identical whether they are prototypes or multi-run.

The latest in C.N.C technology, turnaround, accuracy and productivity have dramatically decreased the time it takes from us receiving a purchase order, to supplying the finished piece of furniture.